Blogging is so weird, well at first anyway. I wish I had began to do this when something more interesting was going on in my life. Not that my life isn’t somewhat interesting. At least I think it is, in between photos of my cat and my dinner anyway. Lets see… I started summer school yesterday. Doing some pretty interesting papers. Politics and Public policy in NZ (boooooring!), Knowledge and Reality (Is this table really a table or is it merely a collection of atoms that our brain perceives to be a table?) and Critical Thinking (How to shut your argument the f$&k down :-P) Anything remotely interesting I shall post up on here. Am thanking my lucky stars I’m pretty much done with actual class for the year, thought I was going to go mental for a second there. I’m sure once I actually get the hang of this website I may have more stuff to contribute other than the more mundane things about life. Bring on summer!



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