Salmonella Dub - Where are you now?

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It’s been a while since I last heard anything from New Zealand act, Salmonella Dub, so I thought I would do some detective work and find out just what they have been up to lately.

Salmonella Dub is a Dub/Drum n Bass/Reggae/Roots band from Kaikoura, New Zealand. The band was formed in 1991 by Andrew Penman, David Deakins and Mark Tyler. The band has toured extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, including the UK and Ireland. Formed in 1992 in Christchurch NZ, Salmonella Dub have rightfully been called the pioneers and originators of a unique Pacific style of dub/drum ‘n’ bass/reggae/hip hop and groove-based rock. Acts such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Shapeshifter, Cornerstone Roots, Kora, and Trinity Roots as well as the new wave of Australian acts like Budspells, Rastawookie, King Tide, Red Eyes, and the likes, can all thank Salmonella Dub for paving the way to opening Australian ears to an alternative to a music scene that was largely house influenced dance music or straight guitar rock. The group worked for some time with MC Tiki Taane, who embarked on a solo career in 2007 after developing a profile with the band. Other guest or collaborative artists have included Paddy Free who produced the most recent album release Freak Controller and performed with the band; and guests Whirimako Black, Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns and MC Mana. The band has also collaborated with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Hamish McKietch. 

But since 2010/2011 saw the release of Freak Controller Madness, they appear to have gone into hibernation. So what HAVE they been up to?

Trying to find out information on the group’s whereabouts has been tricky. It appears they have fallen off the face of the earth…

Their MySpace page has not been logged into since June 2011, and all tours and promotion seemed to grind to a halt at the end of 2011, with the last known substantial gig to have been the Kaikoura Roots Festival at the beginning of 2012. All subsequent Google/Facebook/MySpace/LinkedIn stalking has revealed nothing on their whereabouts, or any new/off-shoot projects in the wings.Has anyone heard any news on what they have been up to? Any new tracks/gigs/projects?



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