This weekend just been, I was lucky enough to be working at the Weta Workshop end of year Christmas party, which was held at the St. James Theatre on Courtenay Place, here in Wellington. They had hired out the entire Theatre and Opera house, and had 7 rooms dedicated to the “seven deadly sins” – Greed, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Pride, and Gluttony. As i work for Wellington Casino Hire, we were a perfect fit for the ‘Greed’ room. They had bands, and carnival games, plus a stage show. There were people in costume EVERYWHERE, and as we got there well before the doors opened, we got to walk around and get a good look at the whole place. So here are some photos of our shenanigans before we started work!

12117_10151118024051707_1944818006_n Michaela, Monica and I prancing around the water feature!

531913_10151558180869972_57804429_nTeaching Michaela how to deal Caribbean Stud Poker at the last minute!

67749_10151558180864972_1348105618_nE’ryday I’m shufflin’!

photo(2)I think that this was the Envy room, with one of the ‘roller-girls’ standing on the stage.

photo(1)The three of us, enhancing the water feature!

556805_10151118196616707_324646900_nTrying to win myself a teddy! I managed to knock down 3 of the 4 pegs, even getting 2 at one time! My Grandpappy taught me well 😉

313613_10151117497956707_128517736_nOne of the carnival games – soft toy shooting range!

205069_10151117477826707_1428185783_nMessing around with the music equipment. Monica is a shit photo taker also!

155406_10151117478186707_961232261_nMichaela, looking very professional…

154627_10151117497681707_1476635775_nMichaela, Myself, Monica, and Emmanuel, all looking very suave…

59363_10151117477706707_234957138_nMonica, working hard…


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