Third Person At Our Table

Bebemos, Newtown. Least Brazilian salad ever

This week’s entry: Bebemos, Newtown. Least Brazilian salad ever

“Bebemos, Newtown

Cuisine: Brazilian Fusion

Price Range: $8 – $30

Atmosphere: Quiet, vaguely Hispanic

Service: Very Casual

Drinks: Medium sized beer menu, tap beers included, and small amount of wine and cider

(LJ) This place is fairly new, just behind Velox and the soon to be open Pita Pit. We thought we’d try this place out as it’s always nice to have a new spot to go to. Walked in to a quiet atmosphere, with polished wood tables scattered uniformly around the space and a large outdoor area was visible through wide windows. We were greeted by two young waiters who were standing behind the bar and left to find our own table, which wasn’t hard as there was only one other couple dining near a window..

(SD) The first thing that struck me was the buffed look of the interior. One of the bar staff informed me that the place was only two weeks old. I was mildly excited by eating new food in our neck of the woods. There was a distinctly South American vibe and we were given our menus, anticipating a lively menu…..”

To read the full blog, click here…

SD and LJ critique Wellington Cuisine in a hilarious and informative manner…a must read for visitors to Wellington. Keep your eyes peeled for the next review due out in a couple of days, where SD and LJ tell you of their experiences eating at one of Wellington’s finest establishments, Logan Brown.


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